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PEI's Certified Team of Experts: Unparalleled Skill in Above and Underground Petroleum Installation and Removal

Certified and licensed to install and remove aboveground and underground petroleum and chemical systems in Wisconsin and Illinois. Our personnel is OSHA trained, State and manufactured certified to install and service storage tanks, piping, and tank electronics. The safety of our team and others is our #1 priority from the first day we are on a job site, to the last. Safety for people… as well as the earth.


  • Our installers are certified for the installation of both above ground and underground systems in Wisconsin, Illinois and Minnesota.
  • We are able to offer turnkey installations, including site work, electrical work, concrete, landscaping and all other disciplines needed to bring your fuel system project to fruition.
  • We can assist with the development and implementation of SPCC plans.
  • Our decades of experience allow us to work hand in hand with other disciplines to provide excellent service and keep jobs moving forward.


  • We work with third-party partners to empty and clean fuel system components, remove and scrap old products, and perform the testing and reporting required by the DNR.
  • We can assist with extenuating circumstances, such as the need to close systems in place, when such solutions are appropriate. We can also successfully navigate challenges such as decommissioning systems within healthcare facilities or other businesses where fuel odor may be a ‘deal breaker.’
  • We are licensed to excavate, haul and dispose of contaminated soil in Wisconsin.
Tank Installation and Removal